Mozilla Popcorn

A JavaScript library for interacting with HTML5 video.

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10 Nov 11
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Mozilla Popcorn

Posted by David Bushell

Mozilla Popcorn — a JavaScript library for interacting with HTML5 video.

Popcorn.js is an event system for HTML5 media developers. Think jQuery for video. You can leave the heavy lifting to Popcorn, and concentrate on what you do best: writing awesome code.

This looks amazing. On the web video doesn't need to be limited to static pieces of content. With HTML5 we have to opportunity to interact with video in interesting ways. Immediate things like geo-locating the appropriate subtitles come to mind, but that's small thinking compared to what we're likely to see in the near future.

Popcorn takes advantage of the HTML5 video API, meaning it's not the only way to do this sort of thing with JavaScript, only a shortcut library that does all the hard work.

Visit for developer documentation.